Shiatsu therapist for many years, trained acupuncturist, and counsellor, I enjoy creating therapeutic relationships with my clients. Discovering the person through the stories they share or what their body reveals of wounds and personal history remains a privilege at each meeting. Whatever the reasons for the pain, shiatsu, Chinese medical theory, anatomy of movement, and counseling give convincing results.

I graduated with high honours from the 2200-hour diploma program at the Shiatsu School of Canada in 2001. I practiced shiatsu in downtown Toronto and taught at the Shiatsu School of Canada Shiatsu School of Canada until 2006 when I relocated to Montreal. I enjoy working with men and women of all ages and have a special interest in body-mind relationships, chronic illness, and pain and maternity care. I also have a 1000-hour diploma in acupuncture that I am unfortunately unable to practice in Québec due to equivalency issues.

Following studies at the Centre de Relation d'Aide de Montréal (2013), I graduated from the School of Social Work at McGill University in 2019. This discipline allowed me to better understand the systemic and social issues that affect the individual, adding to the clinical understanding of mental health as I knew it. I like clinical social work for the power to create oneself and the freedom to be oneself by considering a person and their aspirations, but also the socio-political contexts in which they evolve.