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The Non-directive Creative Approach (ANDCMD)

The Non-directive Creative Approach (ANDCMD) is a humanist based approach created by Colette Portelance to accompany and support in times of need. Empathy and compassion are the key values used to support clients going through unsatisfactory relationship within oneself or with others. The therapist’s non-directive and non-judgemental support allows for the discovery of sensitive areas and their acceptance as part of oneself to help alleviate the burden or the pain they create.

Learning to recognize the emotions and patterns that keep us in unsatisfactory relationships can allow us to take back control over our lives. This can influence our lives in unconscious ways and become important cues once brought to rational consciousness. When taking responsibility of our feelings and emotions, we give ourselves a chance to be free to be who we are, thus allowing self-love and recognizing love from others for who we are. Learning empathy for ourselves often translates into increased empathy for others therefore enhancing meaningful relationships.

I choose therapy to:
  • Have a moment for myself
  • Strive for balance
  • Learn to listen to my innermost thoughts
  • Learn empathy
  • Discover acceptance
  • Strive toward the freedom of being myself
  • Nurture relationships with loved ones
I choose ANDCMD because it:
  • Respects individual rhythms
  • Respects personal limits
  • Respects the psyche
  • Considers rational thought pointing out patterns of disharmony
  • Considers irrational thought pointing out emotions and their manifestations
I choose a humanist approach to:
  • Make peace with the present moment
  • Find out how my personal history affects my current relationships
  • Validate how I feel in the here and now
Other Ressources

    Help lines:

  • Anorexia and Bulimia Quebec (ANEB):
    514 630-0907 ou 1 800 630-0907
  • Kids Help Line:
    1 800 668-6868;
  • Suicide Action Montréal:
    514 723-4000 ou 1 866-APPELLE (277-3553)
514 292-9261

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